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Opinionated: How the Vita saved gaming [for me, duh]

PS Vita in use

Touch controls are the fucking worst. I don’t care what mechanics a game has, if the controls utilize touch for movement, aiming or any combination of the two I hate it. I’m on the development team of Tales of Illyria, a choose-your-own-adventure/oregon-trail style RPG for Android. Why am I touting that? Our game doesn’t use touch controls for movement. We...


Vulgamification [Darksiders II]: What the first game should have been and more

Darksiders II is a complete amalgamation of everything that the first game should have been. The world is expansive and open, the quests are engaging and fun and the gameplay is refined. One of the most interesting things about the second game is that you can actually outfit your character with different equipment and weapons, ultimately resulting in separate character...


Briley’s Weekend Haunts [September 21-22]

Well, I’d say it’s pretty fucking obvious what I’ll be playing for the majority of my weekend. That being said, there will be some other lovely titles sprinkled in there because I tend to get bored if I stick with one game for too long. What can I say, I have a bad case of OCD. I’m pretty sure you...