So, here at Vulgamer some of you might know Briley and the sort of games he likes to play. Me, on the other hand, well who the fuck am I? Essentially, I’ll play a bit of everything. Over the next coming weeks and months you’ll get to know me better as we build this site into something much better. Of course, you’re not bothered about that – you came for Call of Duty news, right?

So, Call of Duty: Ghosts is coming to consoles and PCs all over the world this Fall and now, we’ve gotten a look at what most of you care about: multiplayer. Just what have Infinity Ward and Activision done to spice things up this time around? With so many games before it, they had better bring something good, especially when we’ve been hearing so much about this “new engine” of theirs. Those of you that are real big Call of Duty fans will have seen all of this on IGN’s YouTube channel but, hopefully you’ll stick with me as I throw down my opinion and views on what’s different and why it’ll make a difference.

First off, I’m a fairly big Call of Duty player, I play a lot and I often invest in DLC (although at times I am not sure why I do) and while I’m not that good at the game I’m competent and I enjoy it. For me, the changes and additions are subtle, but subtle in a way that actually matter. Here’s my favorite one:

Deathstreaks are gone. 

Now that’s out-of-the-way, let’s get to it and talk shop.



This time around, there’s a change to how you interact with the map and how you can get from flag A to flag B, or A to C if you’re feeling dangerous. Mantling over obstacles no longer feels like Call of Duty 4 and it’s much more fluid, you can also finally properly fire while you’re doing so. Brilliant. The dolphin-dive is of course a Treyarch hallmark so Infinity Ward have gone their own way with the kneeslide. I absolutely loved this in the Crysis games so I’m very happy to see this here. Also, you can now peek around obstacles and sort of shoot out from behind cover. This is good for a couple of reasons, because no longer do you creep out of cover and show your whole body, just a portion. Although, FMJ will still fuck you over, probably.

This is actually one of my favorite additions they’ve made. Sub-machine guns have been a hallmark of Call of Duty games for some time now and with these new additions to movement you might actually be able to benefit from their portability. Instead of throwing a laser on there and hoping for the best.

Audio is Now a First-Class Citizen


How many times have you seen a new Turtle Beach or Tritton branded headset launch alongside the latest Call of Duty? You buy them (or not) and then you don’t really see much benefit. This time around, quality hardware is going to matter this time around. Audio is now truly positional and that asshole with an LMG will sound louder or quieter depending on how far away they are. Also, sound changes from indoors to outdoors flawlessly. Simply put, this looks brilliant. As well as all those gunshots, explosives now make more than just a boom. You’ll hear debris rattle around and glass smashing around like mad. It’s hard to describe so, take a look at this video from IGN:

New Game Modes


There are a few new game modes here and for those that really fucking hate those campers, you’ll want to play Cranked. This new game mode gives you 30 seconds to get your next kill or you die yourself. This sounds trivial but, each time you get a kill you get access to perks that make you faster and such. Not just that but, can you imagine your buddy who camps winning at this? Yeah, me neither. Take a look at the trailer for these new modes below:



This is a little different from the class loadout customization from before. You create a squad, with each one of your soldiers being completely different. Which is pretty neat. You can then use your squad to compete against AI online to rank up and test your skills. Think of Combat Training, but actually good. The squad system is pretty cool, and reminds me a lot of the level of customization Medal of Honor: Warfighter offered. Infinity Ward have only just shown this off so, we’re sure that there are going to be more details on this soon.

Character Customization


This time around, changing your character is much more than just changing classes around. You can customize each soldier and there are 20,000 or so combinations to be had. There are more guns than ever and for once, there is something new here. There’s a new weapon class called Marksman Rifle. Something I am very happy for. Essentially, this gives you single-shot assault rifles with a hard-hit to bridge the gap between running the map like an asshole with a sniper rifle and camping all game. It’s great, and as a fan of the FN FAL I can’t wait to get my hands on these new weapons.

Instead of being a random character with your chosen gun, you’ll get to have a unique squad to suit your different playstyles. Me, for example, I hate equipment. Claymores, radar jammers whatever – I hate that shit. Give me an assault rifle and maybe an SMG, some grenades and I am good. With this new method I can have single-shot rifles, SMGs and full-on assault rifles in different soldiers, with different perks to suit my pace. This actually looks exciting and I’m sure it’ll be a welcome change from the stale class system we’ve had since the original Modern Warfare.

Again, IGN have a nice cut of the full video to watch through.



If you still think that women don’t play games like Call of Duty, then you’re an idiot. Sorry to be blunt but, seriously there’s nothing wrong with women gamers and it’s about time we saw more of them in video games. With that said, I am not so much impressed that women are finally playable in Call of Duty – that should have already happened – but more so because Activision and Infinity Ward aren’t making a big deal out of it. So, you know what – neither will I.

I’m going to leave you with the Call of Duty multiplayer reveal trailer and, if like me, you’re on a stupid timezone you can watch the hour-long event on YouTube here.