Fuck it. I made the jump and picked up Destiny. I bought a code from GameDealDaily for $29.49. According to the official forums and some reddit threads the site is legit.

It scared the shit out of me at first. They send you a voucher code, which I entered in the Playstation Store. Of course, the store told me the code was invalid. It turns out, you actually have to take the first code you are sent and go to this link. Then you’re asked to choose from a list of four games which title you want. The four games are Destiny, Far Cry 4, Little Big Planet 3 and NBA 2K15. Once you choose the title you want — in my case I chose Destiny — I was given another code. The second code is the one you actually need to redeem in the Playstation Store for your game.

Keep in mind, I believe you need a US Playstation account in order to take advantage of this offer.

A lootin’ and shootin’ I will go. See ya’ll bitches later.