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Middle Earth: Shadow of War + Season Pass for $20

middle earth: shadow of war screenshot

For anyone interested, I just picked up Middle Earth: Shadow of War for the PS4 for $20 at Gamestop and it includes the Season Pass free. I was a little worried personally, because I’ve bought games from there before that promise to offer a “free code” on the receipt but this time it turned out to be true; it works,...


GTA still getting new shit, Tiny Racers update available now

Grand Theft Auto V Tiny Racers Update for Online

Grand Theft Auto V is still sitting neatly on my shelf of games, collecting dust. I can’t remember the last time I booted it up. Seriously, those load times are abysmal for GTA Online. But if you own the game then you know, it’s had a long, surprising history of free content updates. Unfortunately – or fortunately if its your...


Dragon Quest Builders is like Minecraft for RPG lovers

Square Enix announced a new game in the Dragon Quest series, which is actually a spinoff called: Dragon Quest Builders. The premise is that players will help rebuild the world of Alefgard — Dragon Quest fans will undoubtedly recognize the name — after it has been ravished by the evil Dragonlord.