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Get $425,000 in GTA Online just for logging in

Apparently, the San Andreas State Treasury is giving out a tax refund, which means if you log in to GTA Online (GTA V) before April 30 you’ll automatically get $425,000 in bonus cash. Sweet! Sadly, the money won’t drop into your account right away. It will be delivered sometime in May. But that’s a nice chunk of change to trick out...


GTA still getting new shit, Tiny Racers update available now

Grand Theft Auto V Tiny Racers Update for Online

Grand Theft Auto V is still sitting neatly on my shelf of games, collecting dust. I can’t remember the last time I booted it up. Seriously, those load times are abysmal for GTA Online. But if you own the game then you know, it’s had a long, surprising history of free content updates. Unfortunately – or fortunately if its your...


Opinionated: Why I’m okay with being an anti-social gamer

I do enjoy playing games with others, most importantly family. My little brother and I are separated by an ocean as he’s currently stationed in Aviano, Italy. That means when we get a chance to play games together I dive right in. That being said, I’m definitely an anti-social gamer. I prefer to spend a majority of my time plowing...


Briley’s Weekend Haunts [September 21-22]

Well, I’d say it’s pretty fucking obvious what I’ll be playing for the majority of my weekend. That being said, there will be some other lovely titles sprinkled in there because I tend to get bored if I stick with one game for too long. What can I say, I have a bad case of OCD. I’m pretty sure you...