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Toukiden DLC: Which is the best?

If you’re like me you’ve noticed that there are eleven DLC packs for Toukiden AgeĀ of Demons and also that there’s no need to buy them all – unless you’re a collector of sorts. Prices for the packs are eitherĀ $0.99, or $1.99 for the newer ones. Of course, there’s also the free Soul Sacrifice crossover DLC but I’d hope you’re smart...


Toukiden DLC now available, includes new missions and weapons

Additional DLC is now available for Toukiden: The Age Of Demons via PSN. Unfortunately, the three missions packs cost 0.99 cents each – it looks like they’re not free for a limited time like they were in Japan. Oh well. These packs introduce six new missions and six new weapons which can be created once the right materials have been...


Toukiden update (1.01) and Soul Sacrifice DLC now available

An update has been released for Toukiden which includes two crossover DLC missions featuring Soul Sacrifice content. To get the update, open Toukiden on the Vita homescreen and tap the blue refresh button. You should see an update icon appear in the top left, after which you need to download and install the update. Any game saves created or upgraded...