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Here’s a PS Vita, now give it back or we’re going to tell the authorities

PS Vita Tearaway bundle

The title to this post probably doesn’t make much sense, but neither does the situation it describes. Due to an “error in [their] warehouse” online retailer Zavvi sent a bunch of customers the PS Vita Tearaway bundle who had in fact only purchased the game. In other words, customers paid about $40 (give or take) for the PS Vita game...


Opinionated: How the Vita saved gaming [for me, duh]

PS Vita in use

Touch controls are the fucking worst. I don’t care what mechanics a game has, if the controls utilize touch for movement, aiming or any combination of the two I hate it. I’m on the development team of Tales of Illyria, a choose-your-own-adventure/oregon-trail style RPG for Android. Why am I touting that? Our game doesn’t use touch controls for movement. We...


Briley’s Weekend Haunts [December 7-8]

It’s been a couple months since I did one of these, because to be honest I haven’t been playing games much lately. For October I have no real excuse, but November is my birthmonth so I was busy. Just accept that and get the fuck over it. This weekend, I’ll be playing a bunch of Vita games because I just...


Getting my Vita on

So, I went ahead and bought a PS Vita. I’ve wanted one for a while, but I could never justify dropping the money. Since I have all of my gaming consoles (and desktop) hooked up to my living room TV my play time is pretty much over once my fiance gets home. The Vita will allow me to keep playing...


Let’s face it, the PS Vita TV is pretty fucking amazing for Playstation lovers

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Sony announced several new Playstation Vita branded products at the Tokyo Game Show, which took place yesterday. Of course, the Playstation Vita itself is getting a new redesign which will bring a much slimmer model to market, now utilizing a non-OLED LCD display. That’s pretty cool sure, but it’s not the news...


PS4 launch date and initial lineup revealed, coming November 15th

With the recent news that Microsoft announced the launch lineup for the Xbox One, it only seems fair to highlight some Playstation 4 related news too. Sony fired back with the actual release date of the Playstation 4, which is November 15th (North America) and November 29th (Europe). As planned, the console will be available for $399. Currently, the launch...


Borderlands 2 is coming to the PS Vita

Sony announced during their Gamescom 2013 presser that Borderlands 2 is coming to the PS Vita. Yes folks, that’s right. Gearbox’s incredibly successful RPG-shooter hybrid will be making it’s way to a handheld device. Fucking awesomeeee. There’s no word yet on how the DLC will be handled, or if it will even be available. I suppose now is a better...